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Fire With Fire: An ARC Review

I have no idea why this review has been sitting unposted for so many weeks, but what can I say. I guess I was saving it?

Fire WIth Fire by Destiny Soria book review cover image.

Note: I received an ebook copy of this book via Edelwiess+ in exchange for an honest review.


Eden has always tried her best. She trained the hardest. She pushed herself the farthest. And she did everything she could not to let her anxiety and panic attacks drag her under. But with her naturally talented little sister constantly showing her up, Eden is terrified that she will never be enough. When Dani reveals her rare bond to a dragon, Eden has had enough. Before Eden knows it, she is sucked into a powerful sorcerer’s agenda. But it is worth it; Eden is going to save Dani from that dragon, no matter the cost.

Dani just wants to live her normal life. Of course, in a family with a history of dragon slaying, that isn’t really possible. When she forms a rare soul bond with a dragon, she realizes she is even more abnormal than she thought. But that soon becomes the least of her problems when Eden sides with the sorcerers, possibly at the cost of her own humanity. Dani doesn’t know if her sister can be fixed, but she is sure going to try.

Book Review

So many feelings about this book. I went back and forth with it, to be honest. There more moments when I really enjoyed it and others when I wanted to throw it across the room (Not literally, obviously. What kind of monster throws books?).

So, let’s talk about what I did like first. Dani is a pretty likable character. She is really well developed (so is Eden, for that matter), and just honestly herself. Even when you don’t agree with her, you root for her. She is a pretty untraditional but enjoyable character to read about. She also has a little bit of a love interest, and I enjoyed that a lot.

I also enjoyed the fantasy development. It can be hard to get enough detail in the world development of standalones, but Fire With Fire had well-rounded fantasy. I never really felt like I was missing something (except possibly at the end, which was very slightly confusing). I loved the dragons, and I thought this was a pretty unique take on them. For example, tails with electricity. Fascinating.

There was one main thing I didn’t like about Fire With Fire, and that was Eden. I understand that Fire With Fire is a novel about sisterhood, etc, and I enjoyed that motivation throughout the book. But I could not stand reading scenes from Eden’s point of view. Maybe it’s a personal pet peeve, but I hate having to hear the thoughts of unlikable characters. I guess Eden, with her mental health problems and insecurities, is supposed to be relatable, but I just found her super irritating and kind of bratty. Since half the scenes were from her POV, my dislike for her really dampened my enjoyment of Fire With Fire.

Following Good

There was sporadic, but serious, language throughout Fire With Fire. Only very moderate and infrequent sexual content. References to Catholicism, but no other religious content. There was quite a bit of LGBT content, although I didn’t feel like it was an overwhelming push, which I appreciated. I hate worldview or political pushes in fantasy. Overall pretty age appropriate.


I enjoyed Fire With Fire overall, especially the fantasy development. The main downside for me (aside from my content issues) was an irritating POV character. I am giving Fire With Fire three stars on Goodreads, but it was more of a 3.5 star book.

This one has a lot of cool themes, right? I just can’t resist books about dragons. ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy reading!

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